Crankshaft & Cylindrical Grinding Machine Upto to 11 Feet capacity
Precision Surface and cylinder Head Grinding Machine 2 Units segmented Stones
1 unit vertical stone
Portable Cylinder Block Boring Machine From 2 to 6-1/2″ boring diameter
Vertical & Horizontal Boring Machines From 1-1/2″ to 12″ boring diameter
Conrod Resizing & Boring Machine From ¾” to 8″ boring diameter
Automatic & Pneumatic Vertical Honing Machine From 1-1/2″ to 12″ diameter
Cylinder Hone Tube Vertical Honing Machine Maximum 7 feet length capacity
Hydraulic Press (Permanent & Portable) 15 to 100 tons
Valve Seat Refacing & Cutting Machine
( MIRA Made in Switzerland)
From ½” to 3″ valve seat diameter
Valve Angle Grinding Machine From ¾” to 8″ valve head diameter
Horizontal Lathe Machines From 3 to 20 feet length between center
From 16″ to 54″ turning diameter
Vertical Lathe Machine 48 to 60 inches maximum diameter admissible
Horizontal Shaper 24 inches stroke capacity
Vertical Slotting Machine 36 inches maximum diameter admissible in the table
Vertical & Horizontal Milling Machines Maximum 36″ table capacity.
Automatic Gear Hobber Machine Maximum 30″ gear Diameter
Electronic Balancing Machine (Stationary) Upto 800 Kilos capacity
On-site, Climax In-place Key Milling ¾ ” to 8 ‘ diameter of shaft
Climax Hydraulic or Electric Boring 2 inches to 24 inches diameter bores
Chris-Marine Cyl. Head Valve Seats Refacing Machine Upto 6 inches diameter (Pneumatic)
Metal Stitching of Cast-iron cracks Lock-n-stitch technology Made in USA
COMPUTERIZED Wheel Alignment, Electronic Tire Balancing, Tire Changers (3 units), Tune-up, & BOSCH Fuel Injection Calibrating (3 units). Located at our Southern Talisay & Central Cebu plants
Oxygen & Acetylene Welding & Cutting outfit Smith brand Made in U.S.A.
AC & AC/DC Electric Welding Machines 150 to 500 amperes
TIG welding Machine 300 amperes Made in U.S.A.
MIG Wire welding machine Made in U.S.A.